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An AOScan & an initial evaluative appointment is 1.0 total hours of time at $320 (includes one follow-up)

Bio-Feedback & Written Protocol to Rebuild Your Body

AO Scanner is external device & takes 2 minutes to complete. The scan also offers biofeedback evaluations and energy therapy sessions. During biofeedback, you will receive information about your body which measures the frequency in all of your body including your organs, your blood and your cells. You will also receive a 24-page email analysis of those results & easy daily plan to bring health to the body. 

Follow up Sessions

Follow-up scan appointments are available to see improvements or follow-up calls for 30 minutes - $60. 

Energy Sessions

During our sessions the body is rejuvenated and may bring an overall balance to help with deficits in the human system (additional cost).

*Included with the appointment is a homeopathic remedy to jumpstart your body to good health.

For specific remedies based on the scan results & assessment $320 with one follow up.


Rebuild body to health

Immune building



Joint Health

Weight Loss

Brain Power

Digestive Health

We offer:

Cellular rebuilding 

Disease Coaching

Natural remedies

Post-chemo detoxing


Weight Programs with  hormone & emotional balancing

Nutritional Support & Detoxes & recipes

Changing eating habits to Plant-Base Lifestyle 

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28 day weight loss

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